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Wellness and the whole-person

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Our first wellness study was conducted in 2004, "Defining the Wellness Paradigm," in partnership with Friendship Village of Schaumburg and Ziegler. As we were designing their Wellness Center at that time, we wanted insights into how wellness was incorporated into other senior living communities. Finding that no such information existed, we then initiated our own research study, which was the first-ever wellness survey to assess the state of wellness in senior living communities and the beginning of our long-standing commitment to studying wellness as a design principle.

Several years later we teamed with Ziegler once again and Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging to conduct the National Whole-Person Wellness Survey, which further delved into wellness but from the context of the six dimension of wellness - physical, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and vocational.

Following up on that survey, we completed the second National Whole-Person Wellness Study to benchmark just how far senior living communities have come along the wellness continuum. Respondents identified factors critical to the success of their wellness programs, as well as the impact of their program on residents' quality of life. The report provides a comprehensive description of wellness program components across six dimensions of wellness, and enables communities to compare their programs to the national sample, thereby identifying opportunities to improve their whole-person wellness programs for residents and employees.

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