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National Charrette Institute certification

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Our formal charrette process is modeled after the Dynamic Planning curriculum of The National Charrette Institute. Having completed its specialized training, c.c. hodgson architectural group is certified by the National Charrette Institute (NCI) as charrette managers.

Evolving from the French word charrette, which means cart, the term is used to describe the final intense work efforts expended by art and architecture students to meet a project deadline. During the 19th century at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, proctors circulated with carts to collect final drawings while the students frantically put finishing touches on their work.

Today, a charrette refers to an intense collaborative process, usually spanning several days, in which a group of architects works with major stakeholders to draft a conceptual solution to a design problem.

It is a tool we utilize in our master planning process to not only help accelerate the planning phase, but effectively engaging the interests of a diverse group of client representatives, such as residents, board members, and staff, ensuring they have a voice in the implementation of the Master Plan. Existing staff and residents can provide invaluable insight into the organization and hierarchy of spaces, as well as the building image.

Our collaborative charrette process allows for broad and diverse input in an abbreviated period of time while ensuring group buy-in to the final plan.

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