Friendship Village of South Hills

Friendship Village of South Hills

Master Planning | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

First opened in 1984, the Life Plan Community located on 73 acres was feeling its age and fully understood that its architecture was dated and did not reflect the quality or spirit of the community. A highly dynamic and collaborative...


Casa Sant’Angelo

Casa Sant’Angelo

Master Planning | Miramar, Florida

Embracing hospitality design principles, Casa Sant’Angelo includes 75 independent living residences designed in the manner of a resort hotel with shared amenities that include multiple dining venues, a library, club room, resident executive center, pool and jacuzzi, wellness center with...


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Defining the Wellness Paradigm+

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland, OH 44122

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
FL Lic. #AA26002017

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