Goodwin House Evidence-Based Design Study

  • Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia
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3440 S Jefferson St
Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia 22041
3440 S Jefferson St Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia 22041

Connecting the new 15-story independent living tower, wellness center and health center to the existing community became a critical design directive – both in reality and perception. To test perceived travel distance along the corridor connecting the new tower to the existing building, a computer animated study was conducted to evaluate the use of natural light and outdoor views to nature in shortening the perceived travel distance.

Participants in this study were shown animations along a pre-determined travel path designed to simulate the experience of walking through the building. They were then asked to rate the experience with the overwhelming majority of participants preferred the full view animation experience over the punched opening and clerestory views. More importantly the majority estimated the travel time to be 8% faster through the full view corridor than the other two.

While all corridor options offered views to nature the full view was overwhelmingly preferred indicating the views must be immersive to positively affect one's comfort and perception of time.


• AIA/LeadingAge DESIGN FOR AGING, Award of Merit

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