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A ten-year retrospective on Wellness

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In 2004, while working with Friendship Village of Schaumburg to reposition their campus, the team wanted to assess how other communities were incorporating wellness in their campuses. Finding out that this type of information did not exist, c.c. hodgson architectural group and Friendship Village teamed with Ziegler to conduct the first-ever study that tracked the state of wellness in senior living communities, “Defining the Wellness Paradigm: The State of Wellness Initiatives and Wellness Centers in Senior Living Communities.”

Several years later, we teamed with Mather LifeWays and Ziegler to conduct “The National Whole-Person Wellness Survey.” The study examined how CCRCs achieved a culture of wellness in programming, physical design, and operational elements through the six dimensions of wellness - physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and vocational.

A follow-up study to “The National Whole-Person Wellness Survey” was conducted in 2013 to track progress on the wellness continuum. This more extensive study identified wellness program components by determining current and projected program features in six areas: programming, participation, staffing, space features, and operational implementation/financing.

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